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Coronavirus Update: All activities in the church building are canceled until April 27, or further notice. Read below for opportunities to stay connected and practice discipleship in this challenging time. If you would like to be assigned a prayer partner, want to join our daily (ten-minute) prayer calls at noon, or have an emergency, email Rev. Kara (church phone won't be answered)

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Week of March 22

 Home practice: conversations

Scripture Reading John 9:1-41

Discussion Questions (From the Unbound Lent group study; for journaling or discussion with people in your household):

  1. List the assumptions made by the disciples, the Pharisees, and others throughout this passage. How are they challenged?

  2. What do you think the saliva, mud, and washing in the Pool of Siloam had to do with restoring sight to the man? Why didn’t Jesus simply speak his healing into being?

  3. Why is it hard for the Pharisees and the crowds to accept the man when he has been unbound? What makes them feel uncomfortable or insecure about this? What do they ultimately do to him?

  4. How many times does the man give his testimony of healing in this passage? What words would you use to describe his testimony? Might you have an opportunity to give a similar witness—what would you say?

  5. Go through the passage and underline/highlight all the specific complaints made against Jesus. Take turns reading them aloud, around the circle. What do you notice? 

  6. What do you make of the final exchange between Jesus and the Pharisees, in verses 39-41? In what ways do we assume we know all the right answers? How do we shift that? 

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Lent Small Groups

Weekly (Days Vary)

If you're looking for a small group Bible study to join, we have four groups meeting in people's homes throughout Lent. Find out more and sign up here

SUN 3/15

"Unbound" Series


Our theme for Lent this year is "Unbound," and each Sunday in worship, we're reading a different story from the Gospel of John that explores how Christ frees, heals, unbinds us, and sends us across borders.