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Baby Baptism Ceremony

Baptism is a means by which God initiates a covenant with us.  Through the ordinary element of water, we experience God’s extraordinary grace, and are empowered to participate in the redemption of a broken world.  There is not a minimum age at which we are invited to experience God’s grace or participate in kingdom work; thus we as United Methodists practice baptism of infants and people of every age.  And, as we believe that baptism is an act of a perfect God and not of an imperfect church, we do not "re-baptize," and we recognize baptisms from all other Christian traditions.

We celebrate baptisms as part of regular Sunday morning worship.  Please fill out this form and contact Pastor Kelly if you would like to schedule a baptism for yourself or your child(ren).  You do not have to be a member of Glenmont UMC to have your child baptized here; however, we do ask that you be in attendance at least four Sundays prior to the baptism date, and that you make a commitment to raise your child as part of a Christian community.

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